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Tristar “Safety at Sea” Conference

Promoting Welfare & Well-being of Seafarers

8th December 2021 | Expo 2020 | India Pavilion | Dubai

Tristar Group will host its Third Annual “Safety At Sea” conference, on 8th December 2021 at Dubai Expo Site in the India Pavilion.

This continued initiative by Tristar, is to draw industry and global attention to crew mental health issues and to improve the general well – being of all seafarers.

Seafarer’s not given sufficient attention by most countries, ship owners and other stakeholders. We need to address all the problems at sea & on the job, where lack of social interaction can easily bring about depression and mental health issues.

As business owners and leaders in the maritime Industry the onus is on the us to take a leading role to ensure that the mental health of seafarers is no longer a taboo subject and that we create platforms to discuss and put in place an ecosystem that will enable seafarers to seek counselling or professional advice before it is too late.

Protection of Seafarers is also an essential part of the business and we aim to awaken the industry on this subject.

Speakers and panelists will include industry experts and sailing crew members.

The conference is being broadcast live to crewing centers in Mumbai and the Philippines and will be available online for all who cannot attend physically.

The format will encourage interaction between speakers and the audience.

Participants are being given the opportunity to ask questions in advance of the actual conference.

They will be short listed and raised to the panel during the live event.

We welcome all to contribute to make this initiative a success, by taking part and asking questions so that a positive benefit is achieved for the seafarers for whom stress, loneliness, isolation and fatigue are serious day to day challenges.


  • Cerian Mellor – Seafarer Wellbeing Expert – Shell
  • Manit Chander – CEO – HiLo Maritime Risk Management
  • Andy Bowerman – Strategic Mission Leader – Mission to Seafarers
  • Sanjay Verma – Director – Decarbonization Solutions, Wartsila